Terms of Service

We collect some information about you
(Personal info and anonymous too).
We love our users both young and old
And promise your data won't be shared or sold.

Personal details help us process what you've bought
Though we might also contact you to ask your thoughts
(About the site and how it could be made better,
Or with offers to cheer you when the weather gets wetter.)

We use cookies to remember if you've been here before
And make it better for you (useful, you'll agree, I'm sure).
If an advert or a link takes you to another site or place
They're the ones responsible for what appears in front of your face.

If you use this website these Terms of Service apply
(Please skedaddle with haste if you don't want to comply).
The Terms might change, but please don't get irate
The bottom of this page shows the 'last updated' date.


Plain and simple version (in case the rhyme doesn't do it for you...)

We collect two kinds of information about you:

  1. Personal (supplied directly through forms);
  2. Anonymous (to help us understand how people are using the site, and hopefully make it better).

Information we collect might be used to process payments, to improve customer service, to contact you with information and offers, to improve the site, or for other legitimate uses.

We will never share or sell your information.

We use cookies to remember your details for next time and make your experience in using the site better.

Where there are links to other sites (e.g. through adverts) we're not responsible for what's on those sites and they will have their own privacy policies/rules.

These terms might change, so keep an eye on this page to understand if that's the case - the date at the bottom shows when it was last updated. Anyone who uses the site agrees to these Terms. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Rick Astley summary version

If your information was a person, we'd never give you up or let you down.


Last updated: July 2017