Welcome to Litearary. We make clever mugs for clever people.

Like you.

Our Story

We love books. We love tea.
The two together make Litearary.
We think our mugs are pretty clever.
Buy one (or more) and we'll love you forever.
Based in the north of this scepter'd isle,
We're a family business with a quirky style.
We've got two girls, Pie and Bun;
Pie is three, Bun's as new as they come.
To help them get the best out of life,
Litearary was set up by me and my wife.
We hope our mugs make you smile and think,
While you read your book and sip your drink.
The designs are our own, we made them ourselves,
So let something unique adorn your shelves.

That which we call a rose...

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